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PickyStory Browser API

Browser API is designed to provide 3rd-party access to PickyStory widgets. The main use case for this is the development of a custom user interface for the store. This API allows doing so while driving the discounts and pricing logic using this API.


Main entities:
  • Deal
  • Widget
  • Location


A deal is a group of product that are offered together, optionally with special pricing rules.
Deal categories span:
  • Combos
  • Bundles
  • Bundle Builders
  • Kits
  • Looks


A widget is an interactive component that displays one or more deals in the store and allows shoppers to purchase them.


A location determines where widgets are displayed and which deals are applicable.
A location defines 3 main aspects:
  • A subset of store pages (URL) where it is considered active.
  • A subset of deals (combos, bundles, etc.) that are governed by that location.
  • A list of widgets that are rendered by that location.
Locations are classified by categories, similar to deals. Multiple location instances can exist for any deal type. For example, on a given page, 2 Bundle locations may be active in parallel to 1 Look location. Each one is responsible for rendering its relevant widgets on the page.
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